August 11, 2019

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By contributing writer D. Weisbeck.

How a Luxury Tie is Crafted

What do George Clooney, Sir Richard Branson and LESOVS Ties Have in Common?

Lake Como may be the third largest lake in sunny Italy, but it is the number one most desirable vacation spot for celebrities and socialites from around the globe. Its perfect proximity to both Milan, the shopping and fashion capital of the world and the breathtaking mountain resorts of Switzerland make Lake Como a paradise to superstars as well as mere mortals.

We understand both George Clooney and Richard Branson own glorious villas boasting majestic panoramic views of romantic Lago di Como, yet what is the connection with LESOVS ties?

All the top international fashion designers know that the finest handcrafted silk ties in the world are meticulously crafted in the Lake Como region of Italy. Using refined looms worked by Italian artisans, the LESOVS ties come to life in Italy’s magnificent Lake Region. A most celebrated and glorious place to be crafted!

There are many stages of production that must be adhered to when crafting the most magnificent ties in the world. Using state-of-the-art technology and the traditions and skills handed down through the generations, truly artisan ties are produced.



Cutting is perhaps the most important step in the exacting process of tie making. Only the most skilled artisans are permitted at the cutting tables. The cutting of the luxurious silk necessitates unlimited precision and a meticulous level of accuracy. This is the point when the chosen fabric is unrolled, fixed into place and cut to achieve the three main parts of the tie: the blade or front, which is the main, wider section, the neck and the tail or back, which is the narrow end. The tie loop or keeper, which holds the tail in place, is similarly cut from the same cloth block as the tie.


Tipping is the industry language for sewing a partial lining to the tie ends. During this phase of the process the blade and tail are “tipped.”  The fabric care label is also sewn in during this stage.


The blade, neck and tail sections are merged together at the joining stage. This stage involves pressing, folding and sewing. All of these steps are performed by hand, by skilled craftsmen.


This step involves inserting the interlining, or interfacing. It is usually a blend of cotton and wool. Interlining helps create and maintain the shape of the tie and provides the correct body. The tie is then pressed and sewn.


Each step described above is carried out on the wrong side of the fabric. The tie is then turned inside out in this stage in the process in order to be stitched and finished. The tie loop is attached, the brand label is stitched on and a final finishing press is done. The artisan tie is now ready to be enjoyed by a true connoisseur.

In 2018 the LESOVS brand was launched based on a job interview. As explained by LESOVS President, Eric Lesovsky, “I wanted a tie that was modern, innovative, and would stand out from the crowd. It also had to be of the highest quality to wear on my upcoming interview. I couldn’t find a tie that came close to fitting that description. So, to fill this need for myself and so many other men who want a unique luxury tie, the Lesovsky Family dove into the tie industry. My father, who is an architect, began to sketch creative and contemporary tie design ideas.”

We did much research and discovered producers of the finest silk available, woven in Northern Italy and partnered with one of the top tie manufacturers in the world, one that crafts ties for leading international designers. They are located in the Lake Como region of Italy. To achieve the bold, modern styling that is our signature design motif, we found that the best process to fashion our ties and pocket squares was to use silk-screening methods as it ensures consistency and deep, rich colors that cannot be surpassed. It has been a long journey for the Lesovsky Family, from the initial concept, to finding a manufacturer who would partner with us to create our vision.

We invite you to learn more about our story and to browse through our exceptional offerings of fresh, modern, leading-edge designs of hand crafted ties. These are ties that cannot be found elsewhere.

Neckwear and ties have been worn since 1618 and perhaps earlier, (see our previous blog, “Why the Necktie?”) Isn’t it time to break free of the common, everyday choices and indulge in a luxurious LESOVS tie?

You’ll find our extraordinary selection here: LESOVS ties.

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