May 30, 2019

Wearing a Pocket Square demonstrates that you have confidence and are well-versed in personal style. A small burst color in your jacket pocket shows you care about detail and gives a hint to your personality and sense of style. A pocket square is an easy to update your coat or jacket and will add  pizzazz to any outfit you wear. You can wear a pocket square with or without a tie; a popular look today is wearing a jacket with only a pocket square. The look dresses up and adds sophistication to a casual outfit. The tie and pocket square complete a formal look. Some hints to remember include: first, wear a pocket square that complements your outfit and second, avoid a bulge in your chest pocket, remember to fold the pocket square flat. 

The Presidential Fold also known as a Flat or Square Fold is a clean, understated, easy to create pocket square.


Diagram of how to fold a presidential fold for a pocket square

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