October 14, 2017

Our trip started with several days at beautiful Lake Como. A ferry ride on the lake took us by Cernobbio, Tremezzo and over to Bellagio.  Bellagio was picturesque: cobbled stairways up the hill with quaint shops and wonderful restaurants.  We enjoyed just sitting by water, people watching, and soaking up the sun. Our hotel,the Palace, is a restored 19th-century villa conveniently located across from the lake and close to restaurants and gelato!  There we had the best gelato of the trip at Gelateria Guidi; the pistachio gelato was to-die-for! A nighttime ride up the funicular (3,556 feet) through a tunnel to Brunate surprised us with breathtaking views of the city and lights shimmering on the lake.   

Northern Italy, particularly the Como area, has a rich tradition of silk and silk manufacturing.  The Silk Museum (Museo Didattico Della Seta) in the town of Como is a perfect way to learn about the history and current silk production in the area.  Some of the finest silk cloth is woven here and we are happy to use this silk for our ties!

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