April 23, 2019

Can you have too many ties?

Maybe you have one tie and try to make it work in any situation; maybe you have a collection of beautiful, designer ties to choose from.  Maybe you are a grabatologist - a tie collector. The Guiness World Record holder for the most ties was a gentleman from the United States who had 16,055 ties and had been collecting since 1934.  In late July 2017 a woman from New Zealand surpassed his record with over 21,000 ties; she started collecting in 2000. The official count was done on July 29, 2017 and Guinness required that she have a team of counters, that the ties be counted in one day, and a video needed to record the count.

On a series note, I think a suit is unfinished without a perfect tie to complement and to pull the pieces together: shirt, jacket, and pants.  If you choose a high quality tie, it will look better and it will make you look better. High quality ties will hold the knot, return to its shape after tying, wear better and last longer.  How many ties?--well, not 21,000, but enough to give you confidence in your style. Definitely one of our handcrafted Lesovs silk ties will do this!

So really, let us know what you think is the perfect number of ties for your collection.

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