January 27, 2019

When buying a dress shirt to wear with a tie remember that the shirt collar will dictate which knot will look best.

To start let’s look at some of the most popular collar types: 

The Point: A point collar has collar points that range approximately 3 inches from point to point.  This collar is a classic choice. You will see this collar in the office as well as in more formal occasions.  Works with suits, blazers, or just the shirt.

With the slimmest spread of all the collars, a Four-in-Hand knot is the preferred knot as it fits the opening best and doesn’t overfill the space; it creates a balanced look. It is a smaller knot and slightly longer in shape and works well with the point collar.

The Semi-Spread: The semi-spread is one of the most versatile dress shirt collars.The distance between collar points is generally from 4″ to 6″ apart from one another. Both small and large tie knots work well with semi-spread due to the space between the collar.  The Half-Windsor, which is wider with a more triangular shape, is our favorite for this collar.  The Four-in-Hand knot also works well.

The Cutaway: The cutaway collar has been experiencing a comeback in menswear in the last few years. It is a bold collar style which catches the eye. The distance between the collar points is generally between 6.5″-8.5″, the largest spread of all shirt collars. Because of the distance between the points, it needs a large tie knot to fill the space while looking elegant and sophisticated. People like this collar because the points are hidden under the jacket’s lapels which creates a cleaner look. It make quite statement with a Full Windsor knot and a classy suit.  

The Button Down:  The button down collar is the most casual collar of the four most popular styles and is very popular in the United States. The collar is multi-purposed and is seen in casual setting without a tie to business attire with slacks and a jacket. Because of the narrow distance between the points, the Four-in-Hand knot is the perfect knot for the narrow collar.


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