October 04, 2018

How to Choose Your Socks

Who would have thought that there was so much that goes into choosing the right pair socks?  There are rules and then there are best ways to break the rules and express yourself.

Important, because you wear them everyday, you want them to be comfortable, and they protect your feet and shoes.

When choosing socks consider:

Color, material, thickness, pattern, conservative, bold, to sock or not, height and fit.

The basic rules on choosing your socks include:

  1. Match the color of your dress socks to your pants.
  2. Or you can choose a pair of socks that are either a shade darker or lighter than the pants you're wearing.
  3. If you decide to go bold remember to use moderation, you don’t want your socks to become the focus of your outfit. A subtle reveal is nice.
  4. Match the type of sock to your outfit--tube socks belong to casual occasions, ankle socks work with shorts, lightweight dress socks are best for dress shoes and attire.  If you want to go sockless you should wear a no-show sock.
  5. Buy socks that fit.  This will be more comfortable and help the sock stay up.

There are the classic yarns used to make socks such as wool and cotton, but there are new additions to today’s socks with fibers such as bamboo and blends of several types of yarns which offer popular features such as moisture wicking, stretch and comfort.

Wool socks are available in many types of wools and blends; most wool socks are a blend using merino or cashmere wool for example with fibers for stretch such nylon, lycra or polyamide. They come in various weights. There are 100% merino or cashmere wool socks available, but generally less common and more expensive.  Advantages of wool socks include warmth, moisture wicking, quick drying, and being naturally odor preventing. The blends are a great material for dress socks.

Cotton is a the most common fiber used for socks and is often blended with nylon, lycra, and other materials to help the sock stretch and fit your foot.  You hear a lot about Pima cotton grown in Peru as well as Egyptian cotton. These are stronger fibers and are softer, more luxurious than other cottons.  Socks made with Pima and Egyptian cotton tend to last longer. One downside of cotton socks is that they retain moisture and don’t provide as much insulation as a wool sock.  However, in hot climates, cotton may feel cooler and be comfortable.

Bamboo socks have natural antibacterial properties which helps to reduce odors and helps to keep your feet dry.  They are breathable and comfortable in both cold and hot weather. Bamboo is environmentally friendly and a renewable resource. As well as with cotton and wool socks, the bamboo is often blended with a fiber to make it stretch.

Blended fibers are the most popular today as they have the capability of providing many features that consumers are wanting.  Blends add stretchability, moisture wicking, and other performance features that can’t be found in any one material by itself.  LESOVS Enhanced Dress Socks blend cotton, nylon, skinlife and lycra. The skinlife provides the antimicrobial, anti odor and breathability features.

Socks come in several styles and heights:

  • No Show Socks-work well for casual look and can be worn with loafers, sneakers (a shoe that doesn’t cover your ankle
  • Ankle Socks - worn with sneakers
  • Crew/Mid-Calf Socks - can go with any style of shoe, you’ll find dress, casual, and sports socks in this height
  • Over the Calf Socks - can be preferred in formal situations where you don’t want to take a chance of skin showing or your socks falling down

There are so many varieties: wool, cotton, bamboo, blend, tall, short, plain, colorful! We hope this guide will help you choose the right socks for you and the occasion. Try our Enhanced Dress Socks for style and comfort.

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