October 04, 2018

 The Half-Windsor Knot is more symmetrical in shape and creates a bigger knot than the Four in Hand. This knot is very versatile and looks great with suits and a semi spread collar.  It is a medium sized knot and produces a great dimple when tied. 

First flip up your collar and follow the steps below:

 How to Tie a Half Windsor Knot Diagram

 Step 1

To start, place the tie around your neck with the wide end (blade) on the left side of your body and the narrow side (tail) on your right.  It is important to have the small end reach right above your belly button and the wide side to be longer.

How to tie a half windsor knot step 1

Step 2

Cross the wide end of the tie to the right over the tail to form an “X”.

How to tie a half windsor knot step 2

Step 3

Wrap the wide end under the tail toward your left.

How to tie a half windsor knot step 3

Step 4

Next, bring the wide end up and over the neck loop and...

How to tie a half windsor knot step 4

Step 5

Then through the neck loop and down to the right.

How to tie a half windsor knot step 5

Step 6

Next, wrap the wide end around the front of the knot to the left.

How to tie a half windsor knot step 6


Step 7

And bring the wide end of tie up through the neck loop.


How to tie a half windsor knot step 7

Step 8

Take the wide end up over the front of the knot and down through the loop that you just created.


How to tie a half windsor knot step 8

Step 9 

Tighten the knot by pulling down on the wide end. 

If you want to add a dimple, pinch both edges of the tie in the knot while simultaneously pulling the the front end of the tie to bring the dimple through and tighten knot.



How to tie a half windsor knot step 9


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