October 23, 2018

The Design of Lesovs Ties

 A word from our designer...

The necktie has long been a staple accessory for the well-dressed man. The tie is a visual compliment to the man’s attire and image. And as a “compliment” an effective necktie should coordinate with wearer’s outfit…that’s a given. But the tie can provide much, much more for the wearer.  Tied correctly, with a tight knot and dimple, the man or woman often is perceived as precise and detail oriented. A strong color can project confidence and boldness.  Even paisley shows a glimpse of the person’s character.

Daily, we experience new and exciting change; be it technology, fashion, society, politics, space, transportation…you name it!  Now, where’s the “new and exciting” in the universe of neckties? Visiting any men’s department, one will find an array of neckties...solids, prints, stripes, paisleys, patterns; all colors and intensities.  While respecting the designs and production of the assorted offerings, where are the new and stimulating designs? Would a millennial or middle-aged professional jump at what they would see on that tie table? Jerry Garcia, where are you now?

 These questions prompted the start-up of Lesovs to explore unique designs, breaking from the norm while finding place and purpose. Our purpose is to offer unique, bold, and modern design alternatives which attract and excite the buyer and ultimately enhance his character. Now our task was to implement the concept.  This was the time to put pen and computer to paper.  “Design” means different things to many people. Our designer is an architect, and as such, for him, design is melding of art and technology. Successful design is purposeful and structured.

Lesovs neckties apply sound principles of design with a bit of a twist. Our Stripes are not evenly spaced yet are proportionally balanced.  The two-color curves and half circles introduce a color that seemly “swoop” from nowhere, exiting to somewhere.  The introduction of a third color dials up the complexity, and therefore the intrigue.  Design is good design when it “feels right” and achieves its purpose. If you desire to Enhance Your Character™, we know Lesovs neckwear will fulfill your purpose.

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