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How to Tie a Four in Hand Knot

The Four in Hand Knot is one of the most popular tie knots today as it is one the easiest to learn and tie. The knot is slightly less formal, slim, slightly asymmetrical, and pairs well with a semi-spread collar dress shirt. However, it is up to you to decide the look you prefer as what you feel confident wearing is the most important factor when deciding on which knot to choose. Personally, this is the knot I use the most often as I feel it has a modern look and when paired with a dimple it oozes sophistication.   

First flip up your collar and follow the steps below:


 Step 1

To start, place the tie around your neck with the wide side (blade) of the tie on the left side of your body and the narrow side (tail) on your right.

How to Tie a Four in Hand Step 1

Step 2

Cross the wide end of the tie over the tail to form an “X”.

How to Tie a Four in Hand Step 2

Step 3

Wrap the wide end under the tail toward your left.

How to Tie a Four in Hand Step 2

Step 4

Then wrap the wide end around the front of the tail and to the right.

You can wrap the tie around a second time if you want a thicker knot.

How to Tie a Four in Hand Step 4

Step 5

Then take the wide end up and through the neck loop while using one or two fingers to keep the front of the knot open for the next step.

How to Tie a Four in Hand Step 5

Step 6

Take the wide end and pull it through the open loop in the front.

How to Tie a Four in Hand Step 6


Step 7

To finish, tighten your knot by pulling down on the wide end to your preferred knot tightness and then pull the knot up to your neck while holding the tail.


How to Tie a Four in Hand Step 7


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September 24, 2019

I have questions about tie knots, and would appreciate your help.
1) I have seen both, but, is the Half Windsor like the Four In Hand, or is it like the Pratt?
2) When I use the Four In Hand, the end comes about an inch below my belt, which is the main reason I prefer the Pratt. Is it a fashion no no to tuck the end of the tie inside the pant? I either wear a coat so it wouldnt be noticeable, or bring it up and hold with a tie bar.
3) Just my own opinion, but I personally do not see much difference in the Pratt and the Windsor and similar. They all look like an inverted triangle. Same with th Four In Hand and similar knots. With some ties currently made, wouldnt the Pratt or the Four In Hand be big enough to cover spread and or cut away collars?
4) Either because of the fabric, or being tied loose, part of the front panel is seen on top of the knot, which I was told made the knot look weak. An example is the Double or Prince Albert.
My own personal preference is either the Four or the Pratt, with pointed or spearpoint collar. To me, the two knots you have pictured is my idea of perfect. In addition, it is not so much the knot as it is the collar. I like the collar flat, not flaired up on the ends, sticking out over the coat. Button down, flat, not rolled. The bottom of the knot is above the points of the collar. Bigger collar or smaller knot. IMO.
Thank you for your time and help.

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