July 05, 2018

Not all cotton is created equal; some is like sandpaper and others can be soft as silk. Sea Island is one of the softest cottons in the world. It has far reaching history and currently is one of the precious cottons that can be found on the market.  It is primarily grown in Barbados where the climate is ideal for growing cotton; there are over 100 million bales of cotton produced in the world annually while there are only 130 bales of Sea Island Cotton produced in a year.

I fell in love with this cotton while visiting a cotton cloth manufacturer in Italy and had to buy enough for a shirt.  I had a tailor make my shirt and it is one of the most luxurious dress shirts I have ever worn. It is soft, breathable, and is so lightweight that I hardly know I have it on.  Next time you are in the market for a dress shirt, consider one made from Sea Island Cotton. It’s not inexpensive, but may be one of those special purchases that will enhance your confidence.



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