August 13, 2018

That’s really how Lesovs started-our founder needed a tie to wear for a job interview.  He found that all the ties on the market looked similar, either small prints or stripes; the shelves were full of homogeneous ties, they all looked the same. Thus, Lesovs was born.

 What you wear to a job interview can make or break your chances of being considered for the job.  Many suggest that you always follow the ‘one-step higher’ rule. That is, you dress one step higher than you would wear for a regular day on the job. When in doubt do some research on what the attire is at the company.  If the company is close, you can go look - beginning or end of the day when employees are going to and from work will let you see first hand. Look up the company online and see if there are any photos showing employees at work or just ask the human resources department.  

What to wear for an interview can be broken down into several job categories:

Formal Business Attire - law firms, banking, high level positions, businesses where they always wear suits - best to wear a formal suit with a dress shirt and classic silk tie and pocket square. Shop the Tie below.

Man in blue suit with blue Lesovs silk tie and pocket square

Business Attire - managerial, executive, political, businesses where you need a suit for meetings, presentations, but not always every day - a nice suit that fits your body well with a dress shirt and tie that compliments your outfit. Shop the Tie below.

Man in red and gray tie Lesovs Tie with blue jacket and black pants

Business Casual - entry level, small business, political offices, professional offices such as engineering - a blazer, slacks, collared shirt and a tie, or use this as the perfect opportunity to wear a pocket square without a tie. Shop the Tie below.


Casual - retail stores, customer service, casual office - wear nice slacks, shirt and optional tie. Shop the Tie below.

Man in chair with blue and gray block Lesovs tie

For business attire interviews wearing suits of a solid color and that fit well and are not wrinkled are best.  Add a long sleeved shirt and silk tie. Remember to include a belt, socks and shoes that work with your suit color to look your best. 


He got the job!

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